What is Rogue Star?

Rogue Star is an epic Sci-Fi MMORPG where players can play and own their achievements in an infinite universe.

Play It

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Earn It

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Own IT

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Our Mission

Unlock web 3 gaming for the 3.24 billion gamers globally. We’ve made web 3 gaming accessible to the traditional gamer through fiat gateways, a play to own (P2O) model, seamlessly integrating web 3 technologies, and much more. Players can set up accounts and interact with NFTs without disrupting gameplay and retain all the perks of player ownership and earning.

Play it, Earn it, Own it

Fun is something that matters to gamers. Experience an endless universe with piloting ships, planetary excursions, a player focused economy, crafting, societies, player guilds, PVE & raids, PVP, and deep discoverable lore in the Sci-Fi MMORPG Rogue Star. We enable players to own the loot they collect, items they craft, and even the discoveries they make across the universe. With an exciting narrative, breathtaking graphics, and player focused economies that value both time and money, fun will always come first.

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Daniel Eichling
Executive Producer

Daniel Eichling

A veteran development manager behind epic player focused games with almost 20 years of industry experience across companies like Riot and 2K Games. Daniel leverages his experience building remote cross-functional teams to make our game come alive and deliver! His passion and total commitment for ushering in “player-first” development into web3 is at the core of Rogue Star.

Gabriel Abrams
PR Lead

Gabriel Abrams

“The Hype Lord”- Our PR Lead with diverse experience drawing out excitement and building authentic communities from social platforms and entrepreneurship. Gabe has the “gift of gab” and that irresistible charm that draws followers out of the socials like the pied piper!

Dave Suermann
Full stack Unity developer

Dave Suermann

Dave’s tool belt includes roles as lead engineer on multiple successful games, but also includes in-house platforms, designing custom tools for efficiency, and even payment systems! He’s been in the industry for over 10 years working with releases on Mac, Xbox, Windows and iOS alike. He also has a degree in digital entertainment and game design backing.

Matt Allen
Strategic Business Advisor

Matt Allen

Matt brings a wealth of startup experience and is a respected business writer, speaker, and consultant in the entrepreneurial space. Having scaled his business into massive success, he now invests in the open market from crypto to video game development.

Cross chain compatibility

Because we believe players should not be forced to adopt any particular blockchain to have fun in Rogue Star, we'll be launching our initial NFT collection on Solana and Polygon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Space can be vast and mysterious, and the Web3 space is no different. We've collected a few common questions and answered them here, but if you have more burning inquiries then please hit us up on Twitter or pop into our Discord and we'll be happy to help you navigate safely!

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